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Yearly fee

Set-up, one time fee

See note #

E-mail address:

Forwarding only



 1, 2, 4

POP3 (10Meg web-mail)



 1, 2, 4

On your domain


     $2 each

 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Web Link

To an existing site




Web Hosting

25Meg max

$20.00 + $15.00

w/ link to


 1, 4, 5, 6

$30.00 + $15.00

w/o link

Web Design

New Pages


~$25 - 50.00

per page

 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Changes to Pages


 ~$10 - 20.00

per page

Notes:                                                                                                                            (Last reviewed 3/16/09) 

  1. Rates in effect 09/07/2007, and are subject to change. 
  2. This assumes use of one of our existing domain name, such as
  3. If you have us register and maintain your domain name, we will not charge an additional annual fee for e-mail accounts.  However, the $1.00 setup fee applies to each initial address, plus any/every change you request to your e-mail forwarding or web-mail lists.
  4. Tech support is available for the products listed - but a "reasonable" degree of user knowledge is expected. 
  5. Domain names will be registered by us, in our account, and will be controlled by us.  But, the customer owns the rights to their own domain name - we will authorize the transfer to your registrar upon request.
  6. The "+$15.00" shown above in the yearly hosting fee section is for domain registration.  We will only host domains for which we handle registration.  (A few top level domains cost more, and some second level domains which have already been registered can cost  a LOT more!)
  7. Web design is completed on MS Front Page 2002 or similar.  Customer owns the files once complete and paid for.  For sites we are hosting, we will maintain the "control" copies of these files.
  8. Web design estimates are for typical ("simple") pages.  Contact us to discuss and get a free estimate for your needs.
  9. While our goal is to have happy customers, there's no guarantee you'll be happy with our web design!  We'll work with you for a "reasonable" amount of time to develop a design to your liking.  Best results are when the customer provides significant input upfront.  You are expected to proof read - once approved, you get to pay for changes!