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Pictured is White Creek Tavern

Domain Name Primer

The domain name for this site is, where:  

"www" just means World Wide Web.  In most cases this is now assumed and can therefore be omitted.

"whitecreek" is the Second Level Domain (SLD)

".us" is the Top Level Domain (TLD)

Officially, if something appears between "www." and the SLD it is considered a Third Level Domain name:  But in practice, most hosting services just call these sub-domains.


While you usually don't have to type it in, a forward slash is used right of the TLD to point at specific files within that web site.  One of the default files your browser will look for is "index.html": is considered the home page by the web designer.


You can have other files in folders and sub-folder to the right of that, all separated by forward slashes.  

The "http://" to the far left stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.  This is pretty much always assumed, and can therefore be ignored.

The most familiar TLD is ".com" but there are several others available for any given SLD.  TLDs were assigned with a particular category of users in mind.  There are restrictions for some of these: ".edu" is only for educational institutions and ".gov" is only for US government offices.  But most of the common TLDs are available to anyone, regardless of the original intent of the TLD.


Most of the short, easy to type SLDs for ".com" are already taken.  So, you may want to consider another TLD.  Here's one place that comes up on a "TLD List" search on Google:  TLD List - MozillaWiki, but these are the most common in the US:  


Original Intended Use




  Internet or internet service provider (ISP)


  Some type of organization or club, usually non-profit


  United States based entity


  Alternative to ".com" for businesses


  Generic TLD for, you guessed it, disseminating information


  Take a guess...